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Keystone Arsenal Replicas
High Quality Replica Guns & Explosives


KAR is constantly working to bring you new replica guns.


***UPDATE*** The We are working on a new item for our explosives page.  The Bangalore Torpedo.  The Bangalore Torpedo set will consist of a crate holding 10 torpedo sections, connectors and a nosecone section.  These will be properly marked, as will the custom carry crate.  We can make these right now, as the blue prints are all good to go, and everything can be done in-house.  We will have the prototype done for pictures as soon as possible.  Again, it's all about time.




KAR has been interviewed by FIREARMS TRUTH.COM, an online magazine.  The article can be found HERE.  ***Mandatory Disclaimer:  The Views of FirearmsTruth.com do not neccecarily mirror the views of either the management, or the Staff at Keystone Arsenal Replicas.

We have recieved a limited run of  all metal BD-3008's!  What is a BD-3008 you ask?...AH, the BD-3008 was a last ditch weapon of Nazi Germany.  Only a handful were made.  Copied from the British Sten Gun, the Sub-Machine gun features near identical construction.  The only real differences are the orientation of the magazine housing, switching from horizontal to vertical, and the magazines. The BD-3008 used MP-40 Mags, and the mags are oriented vertically like the MP-40. 

This gun is for the WWII replica collector who thought he had everything!  Even in limited quantities, the Germans still managed to make a few variations. See pictures below, Ours looks like exactly like the gun the General is inspecting. Now available.  Another KAR Exclusive.

We have added a few presentation plaques to our catalog, and they look very nice. We will be adding more, and have expanded our shop to allow for custom builds for virtually any replica weapon display plaque. These include the M249 SAW display Plaque, and the Crossed Harpers Ferry Pistols for the Military Police (MP’s) of the United States Army. MORE PLAQUES COMING!!!!!

By the way, KAR supplied a movie with some weapons a while back...A Sci-Fi film made in Europe....A Comedy?  We never heard anything about the movie after that, but they sent us some stills of our products....It's a movie about NAZI's on the moon, or Space NAZI's...Something like that. Pretty sure they said it was a comedy, so it's either really a comedy, or a drama thats so bad it's funny.  Either way, you can't go wrong with a movie about NAZI's from outer space.  We're thinkin' Acadamy Award.   Anyway, We thought we would share the stills with you:

We have an option to buy back these MP-40 props, so we may have Screen used MP-40's at some point.

We're not sure now if this movie will ever be made.........But it looks like fun!..........Update, the movie has been made, and we have bought back 15 screen used guns.....

Rust Never Sleeps, and neither does KAR.  :-)

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